Chip In $1

On the 30th of September, we worried that the movement we were building wouldn't have the resources to compete. We ended the reporting period with just over $4,000 cash on hand - even after a great surge coming out of the gate in August.

We promised ourselves we'd fight on, even as volunteers. But, it looked like we wouldn't have the resources to fight on for long.

Americans who were sick of the political system that gave us Clinton and Trump had other ideas.

Ordinary people stepped in, stepped up, and took this fight into their own hands. They wanted a better option. They wanted us to fight, and fight hard for them.

It wasn't the big money interests in Washington and New York who stepped up. In fact, the RNC and others did everything they could to block donors from supporting us.

Then, in what felt like nothing short of a miracle, it all changed. Evan's poll numbers shot up. More people were hearing about Evan and they were giving what they could - not lobbyists and Washington elites, but ordinary people. As of today, we've raised hundreds of thousands of dollars from ordinary Americans like you. Our average contribution is just $35.34.

More importantly, they told us over and over to keep fighting. To keep pressing on. To keep standing up for courage, decency, and for the values that define and preserve this great nation in good times and in bad.

Our campaign has always been about more than a ruthless climb to power or a childish demagogue's destructive tantrums.

Our campaign has been about you.

You gave us the resources to fight on. And, that's just what we're doing in Utah, Idaho, and across this great country. The tide is rising. Our movement is growing. From a few dozen people in small rooms, we're now drawing thousands - not to hear a message of hate and division, but to hear a call to unity, true greatness, and American renewal.

We still have challenges. While we are up against the two least popular candidates in history, they do have a lot of money. But, we aren’t afraid. We won’t be deterred.

The polls show we can win Utah. We can win Idaho. We can win in the Mountain West and beyond. This is now bigger than we dreamed. You got us this far. And, we're prepared take it all the way.

For that, I - along with the rest of our team - remain eternally grateful.


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