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Dear Fellow American, 

Like you, we are deeply concerned about our great country right now.

  • Our spotty economy has left many individuals behind—causing anger and frustration that they aren’t progressing economically. 
  • Washington, DC, remains paralyzed by hyper-partisanship, while Americans yearn for common sense and bi-partisan solutions. 
  • Americans want to help the disabled and the disadvantaged—but with social programs that boost people out of poverty rather than create dependency. 
  • The federal government must balance its budget and pay down the national debt or else we’ll face the consequences that always follow reckless spending.
  • The United States must re-assert its traditional role as the leader of the free world—standing steadfastly for democracy and human rights. No more shrinking from global problems and disappointing our friends while emboldening our enemies.
  • We want a president who will secure our fundamental freedoms such as freedom of religion and the right to keep and bear arms. 

We have no confidence that either Secretary Clinton or Donald Trump can or will meet these challenges. We expect them to bring us only arrogance, self-dealing, and more lying to the American people. We cannot look to them to stand up to Putin or to fight terrorism with toughness and persistence.   

Thankfully, Evan McMullin has stepped forward in America’s hour of need to proclaim afresh the sacred founding values set forth in the Declaration of Independence and the Constitution. 

  • Evan will fight for religious and other constitutionally-guaranteed freedoms.
  • Evan will reform the federal government—making it more efficient and more responsive to the people. 
  • Evan will bring people of all races, religions, and persuasions together to solve our common problems rather than set us against each other. 
  • Evan will respect our laws and Constitution, and he will appoint justices to do the same.   
  • Evan will assert America’s pre-eminent role in the world on behalf of democracy and peace.
  • Evan will address runaway federal spending and the national debt.
  • Evan will defend our democracy against those who say it is rigged and seek to undermine it.

We gratefully acknowledge Evan’s leadership and his personal sacrifice in stepping forward at a time of political turmoil and national need. We proudly endorse him and recommend him to all Americans as an exemplary leader capable of bringing morning to America again.

Distinguished Utah Politicians

Greg Bell (R)
Former Lt. Governor and State Senator

David Wilkerson (R)
Former Attorney General

Chris Cannon (R)
Former U.S. Congressman

Justin Fawson (R)
District 7

Senator Lincoln Fillmore (R)
District 10

Senator Howard Stephenson (R)
District 11

Senator Daniel Thatcher (R)
District 12

Paul Ray (R)
District 13

Representative Fred C. Cox (R)
District 30

Mayor Jon Pike
City of Saint George
Mayor David L. Alvord
South Jordan City
Aimee Winder Newton (R)
Salt Lake County Council

Logan Wilde (R)
Candidate House District 53
Morgan County Council

Jake Garn
Kaysville City Council

Stacy Beck
Spanish Fork City Council

Richard Brunst
Orem City Mayor

Kim Jackson
Utah County Treasurer

Rick Moore
Payson City Mayor

Distinguished Utah Citizens

Lynn and Ann Summerhays
Real Estate Developer, Golfers &
Proud Utah Supporters

Mark Durrant
Lawyer & College Basketball Broadcaster

Bradley R. Agle
Author & Professor, Business Ethics

Patricia A. Andersen
SJ & PA Andersen Foundation

Trevor Kobe
Entrepreneur & Business Owner

Andrew Wan
Partner, Regional CPA Firm

Rich & Wendy McKenna
Dave & Beck Nelson
Proud Farmington Supporters

Neal E. Peterson
Proud West Jordan Supporter

Joseph Love
Proud Layton Supporter

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