Chip In $1

The robocalls have already run, and the damage is done. As outlined today in Buzzfeed by McKay Coppins, Johnson’s false attack on Evan McMullin seems to be one more element of a desperate whisper campaign launched and directed from Trump Tower. And, after being caught, they forced their ally to apologize.

Trump Tower may have directed white supremacist William Johnson to apologize for the robocall, but the real apology should come from Donald Trump for normalizing and mainstreaming extremists like Johnson. For generations, candidates of both parties have rejected the kind of racial hatred Johnson represents and have embraced the idea that all men and women are created equal. Naturally, not every Trump supporter is racist, but from the alt-right to the Ku Klux Klan, every racist in America has seemingly flocked to Trump's cause.

We're running a campaign that honors the timeless ideals and truths that made this nation the most powerful and blessed in the world. It's a shame Donald Trump and his allies have no desire or willingness to do the same.

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