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Salt Lake City, UT – Senator Lindsey Graham (R-SC) announced today that he voted for independent presidential candidate Evan McMullin, praising Evan’s “views on a strong America and the need to rebuild our military.” Senator Graham also sharply criticized Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton, saying that he “couldn’t go where Donald Trump wanted to take the USA & GOP,” and that “voting for Hillary Clinton was always a non-starter.”

Senator Graham is a true patriot who has put principle before party throughout his career. His courageous leadership, both in the Air Force and in the Senate, is an example for all Americans.

In response to Senator Graham’s announcement, Evan McMullin made the following statement:

“I am humbled to receive the support of Senator Lindsey Graham. Senator Graham has long been one of our nation’s leading advocates for American leadership and for our men and women in uniform. He and I share a commitment to the safety and security of our nation—as well as to our founding principles of liberty and equality. I look forward to working with Senator Graham as our new conservative movement continues to grow.”

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