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Senator Lindsey Graham Casts His Vote for Evan McMullin

Salt Lake City, UT – Senator Lindsey Graham (R-SC) announced today that he voted for independent presidential candidate Evan McMullin, praising Evan’s “views on a strong America and the need to rebuild our military.” Senator Graham also sharply criticized Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton, saying that he “couldn’t go where Donald Trump wanted to take the USA & GOP,” and that “voting for Hillary Clinton was always a non-starter.”

Senator Graham is a true patriot who has put principle before party throughout his career. His courageous leadership, both in the Air Force and in the Senate, is an example for all Americans.

In response to Senator Graham’s announcement, Evan McMullin made the following statement:

“I am humbled to receive the support of Senator Lindsey Graham. Senator Graham has long been one of our nation’s leading advocates for American leadership and for our men and women in uniform. He and I share a commitment to the safety and security of our nation—as well as to our founding principles of liberty and equality. I look forward to working with Senator Graham as our new conservative movement continues to grow.”

For more information:
Rina Shah
Chief Spokesperson
[email protected]

We Proudly Endorse Evan McMullin (Utah Endorsements)

Dear Fellow American, 

Like you, we are deeply concerned about our great country right now.

  • Our spotty economy has left many individuals behind—causing anger and frustration that they aren’t progressing economically. 
  • Washington, DC, remains paralyzed by hyper-partisanship, while Americans yearn for common sense and bi-partisan solutions. 
  • Americans want to help the disabled and the disadvantaged—but with social programs that boost people out of poverty rather than create dependency. 
  • The federal government must balance its budget and pay down the national debt or else we’ll face the consequences that always follow reckless spending.
  • The United States must re-assert its traditional role as the leader of the free world—standing steadfastly for democracy and human rights. No more shrinking from global problems and disappointing our friends while emboldening our enemies.
  • We want a president who will secure our fundamental freedoms such as freedom of religion and the right to keep and bear arms. 

We have no confidence that either Secretary Clinton or Donald Trump can or will meet these challenges. We expect them to bring us only arrogance, self-dealing, and more lying to the American people. We cannot look to them to stand up to Putin or to fight terrorism with toughness and persistence.   

Thankfully, Evan McMullin has stepped forward in America’s hour of need to proclaim afresh the sacred founding values set forth in the Declaration of Independence and the Constitution. 

  • Evan will fight for religious and other constitutionally-guaranteed freedoms.
  • Evan will reform the federal government—making it more efficient and more responsive to the people. 
  • Evan will bring people of all races, religions, and persuasions together to solve our common problems rather than set us against each other. 
  • Evan will respect our laws and Constitution, and he will appoint justices to do the same.   
  • Evan will assert America’s pre-eminent role in the world on behalf of democracy and peace.
  • Evan will address runaway federal spending and the national debt.
  • Evan will defend our democracy against those who say it is rigged and seek to undermine it.

We gratefully acknowledge Evan’s leadership and his personal sacrifice in stepping forward at a time of political turmoil and national need. We proudly endorse him and recommend him to all Americans as an exemplary leader capable of bringing morning to America again.

Distinguished Utah Politicians

Greg Bell (R)
Former Lt. Governor and State Senator

David Wilkerson (R)
Former Attorney General

Chris Cannon (R)
Former U.S. Congressman

Justin Fawson (R)
District 7

Senator Lincoln Fillmore (R)
District 10

Senator Howard Stephenson (R)
District 11

Senator Daniel Thatcher (R)
District 12

Paul Ray (R)
District 13

Representative Fred C. Cox (R)
District 30

Mayor Jon Pike
City of Saint George
Mayor David L. Alvord
South Jordan City
Aimee Winder Newton (R)
Salt Lake County Council

Logan Wilde (R)
Candidate House District 53
Morgan County Council

Jake Garn
Kaysville City Council

Stacy Beck
Spanish Fork City Council

Richard Brunst
Orem City Mayor

Kim Jackson
Utah County Treasurer

Rick Moore
Payson City Mayor

Distinguished Utah Citizens

Lynn and Ann Summerhays
Real Estate Developer, Golfers &
Proud Utah Supporters

Mark Durrant
Lawyer & College Basketball Broadcaster

Bradley R. Agle
Author & Professor, Business Ethics

Patricia A. Andersen
SJ & PA Andersen Foundation

Trevor Kobe
Entrepreneur & Business Owner

Andrew Wan
Partner, Regional CPA Firm

Rich & Wendy McKenna
Dave & Beck Nelson
Proud Farmington Supporters

Neal E. Peterson
Proud West Jordan Supporter

Joseph Love
Proud Layton Supporter

P.S. -- Click Here to add your name and join us in endorsing Evan McMullin to be the next President of the United States.

Former Utah Attorney General David L. Wilkinson endorses Evan McMullin

From David L. Wilkinson:

When I was in government, I realized the importance of character. I saw firsthand how moral integrity is central to good leadership. I'm endorsing Evan McMullin not only because I'm impressed with his morality fortitude, but by his courage to stand up when others put party head of principle. Unlike the major party candidates, Evan has the personal qualities and the experience required to lead this nation. I'm confident in Evan and I'm encouraged that so many voters are rallying to his cause.

From Evan McMullin:

I am honored to have the support of courageous leaders like David Wilkinson. Attorney General Wilkinson has a proud record of putting Utahns first, and I couldn’t be more enthusiastic about having his support in this movement.

One day out from Election Day, Evan and his running mate, Mindy Finn, will be rallying with supporters in Provo, Utah. RSVP now to be part of history in the making.

Rina Shah
Communications Director
[email protected]

Statement regarding robocalls

The robocalls have already run, and the damage is done. As outlined today in Buzzfeed by McKay Coppins, Johnson’s false attack on Evan McMullin seems to be one more element of a desperate whisper campaign launched and directed from Trump Tower. And, after being caught, they forced their ally to apologize.

Trump Tower may have directed white supremacist William Johnson to apologize for the robocall, but the real apology should come from Donald Trump for normalizing and mainstreaming extremists like Johnson. For generations, candidates of both parties have rejected the kind of racial hatred Johnson represents and have embraced the idea that all men and women are created equal. Naturally, not every Trump supporter is racist, but from the alt-right to the Ku Klux Klan, every racist in America has seemingly flocked to Trump's cause.

We're running a campaign that honors the timeless ideals and truths that made this nation the most powerful and blessed in the world. It's a shame Donald Trump and his allies have no desire or willingness to do the same.

McMullin-Finn Election Night Party in Downtown Salt Lake City

WHAT: The McMullin-Finn ticket's Election Night Party in Downtown Salt Lake City

WHEN: Tuesday, November 8th from 6:00p.m. until 11:59pm MST

WHERE: The Depot at The Gateway, located at 13 North 400 West South Temple in Salt Lake City, Utah



All members of the media must RSVP and be approved for credentials in order to attend.

  • Request press credentials here. Deadline to apply: 6:00 pm, Thursday, November 3rd.
  • The venue is open for set-up, live shots, and/or walk-through opportunities beginning at 3:00pm MST on the day of the event.
  • To obtain the physical credentials, members of the media must check-in at the North door on 400 West (by the taco cart).
  • Satellite trucks will need approx 300-500 feet of cable and can be parked on the sidewalk on 400 West (just north of the Depot's entrance); this is the same location as the aforementioned media check-in.





Rina Shah
[email protected]

McMullin-Finn Campaign Statement on Latest Trump Revelations

By now we know Donald Trump will do nothing but deny his predatory and disgusting actions when it comes to his abusive pattern of behavior with women. At this point, it's not Donald Trump's behavior and judgment that's in question; it's the behavior and judgement of the Republican elected officials who continue to back him. 

That RNC Chairman Priebus, most Members of Congress, and other so-called conservative public figures  continue to stand by Donald Trump — and in some cases defend his statements and actions —  is now beyond objectionable; it now borders on defending the criminal.

For more information:

Rick Wilson 202-670-4320
Rina Shah 202-507-9583

BREAKING: Evan McMullin in Historic Surge in New Utah Poll

Evan McMullin has surged to 22% in a near statistical tie with Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton (both at 26%) according to new polling data released Tuesday night by the Deseret News. McMullin is within striking distance of a win in Utah, which would be the first time since 1968 that a non-major party candidate has won electoral votes in the U.S.

While the Democratic nominee finds her support stagnating, and disaffected Trump voters are leaving in droves, Utahns are eager to hear about Evan McMullin. Besides jumping 10 percentage points since the last data found in a Tribune-Hinckley poll in September, website traffic and volunteer signups have skyrocketed over 400%.

Perhaps most notably, McMullin's numbers come even while only 52% of Utah voters know who he is. This indicates that as McMullin's name ID grows, so will his vote share.

From Evan:

Utahns have a special place in this election. What we kept hearing would be impossible, has now happened. Citizens from the Beehive State can turn this election around. I'm proud to stand with them and to be a part of this unbelievable momentum guiding the 21st century into a new generation of leadership. I look forward to the work we can and will do with the help of the state of Utah in the final weeks leading up to election day. This is just the beginning and we will continue to grow our movement well beyond Utah.

For the story and full poll results, please visit the Deseret News.

From the campaign trail:

Evan will be available to Utah media on Wednesday, October 12. For questions or booking, contact:

Kelsey Koenen Witt
Utah Communications Director
[email protected]

Wednesday evening, Evan will also attend an event in Logan, Utah, which will be open to the public and media. For more details and to RSVP, please visit the event page.


Our momentum is growing! Join the discussion at

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Former Utah Lt. Gov. Greg Bell endorses Evan McMullin

Today, former Utah Lieutenant Governor Greg Bell endorsed Evan McMullin for President on the Doug Wright Show at KSL.

From Greg Bell:

Without hesitation, I'm endorsing Evan McMullin for President. This guy oozes character. His understanding of policy is mind-blowing. His experience with the CIA was impressive. Evan has such a feeling for how to bring people together and how to do it in a constitutional way. He has and will present a character-based campaign and administration.

It isn't just about this election. This is about a new movement of people who want honor and restraint in government. I'm standing proudly with Evan.

From Evan McMullin:

I'm honored to have the support of former Lt. Gov. Greg Bell. Greg is a true public servant and understands the importance of electing leaders with strong morals.


Former Utah Lt. Gov. Greg Bell, Evan McMullin, and JoLynn Bell.


Our momentum in Utah is growing! Sign up here to join our grassroots team.



Kelsey Koenen Witt
Utah Communications Director
[email protected]

McMullin Campaign Memo: The GOP Is Stuck With Trump

(Washington DC - October 9th) The McMullin for President Campaign team today issued a memorandum clearly demonstrating that the GOP is stuck with Donald Trump, and that only Evan McMullin and Mindy Finn offer conservatives an actual alternative they can vote for on Election Day.

The complete memo can be found below. Joel Searby, Rick Wilson, and Mohammad Jazil are available for comment to the press.



TO: Interested Parties

FROM: Joel Searby - Chief Strategist; Rick Wilson – Senior Advisor; Mohammad Jazil – Lead Counsel

DATE: 10/9/16

An Unprecedented Time, An Uncommon Solution

Never before has a major party nominee faced such widespread calls from within his own party to step aside. Never before has a major party allowed and, indeed, embraced such a deeply flawed candidate. Never before have the American people been so incredibly dissatisfied with their choices from the two major parties. This is truly an unprecedented time in American history.

Many who were begrudgingly supporting Donald Trump because of their hatred for Hillary Clinton are now truly conflicted. Hillary Clinton voters who only chose to support her to stop Trump are appalled by her deceit and lack of accountability. Those who previously said they’d vote for Gary Johnson are now unable to support him due to his series of statements and antics proving that he, too, is unfit to hold the office of President of the United States. People feel stuck.

But, Americans should know that they have a better choice.

Evan McMullin and Mindy Finn represent a new generation of American leadership that is serious, committed, and stepping into this awful moment. It’s an uncommon solution, but our country has proven time and again that it can overcome difficult odds to achieve uncommon success.

The Case for Evan McMullin

Americans need a candidate to vote for, not just against.

Evan McMullin is that candidate. By Election Day, voters in over 40 states will be able to cast their votes for Evan McMullin - that’s more than enough to win the Electoral College vote should that improbable event take place, and it’s certainly enough to win key states. If we do, it will be the first time since 1968 that anyone but major party nominees have won Electoral College votes. This will send a strong signal to the political elites: that Americans will no longer stand for their poor choices and complete lack of leadership and that a new political movement has begun.

It’s time for Americans who care about principles, more than they do about party affiliation, to stand up and support the only credible candidate left in this race: Evan McMullin. While some may try to dismiss his legitimacy - it will be in vain. Our team has been working tirelessly for months to ensure that we’re in a position to elect a credible presidential candidate in the event that something just like this took place.

Evan is on the ballot or will be a registered write-in candidate in over 40 states by Election Day. Again, this is enough to win the Electoral College outright should this unprecedented situation continue unfolding in unprecedented ways. Even if that is not achieved, millions of Americans have a safe-haven and a choice they can confidently make with a clean conscience - to vote for Evan McMullin.

We CAN win states, our campaign momentum is beyond our wildest expectations.

The time has come in America for a new generation of leadership. Evan McMullin and Mindy Finn offer just that.

The Legal Case Against Dumping Trump

Dumping Trump is nearly impossible, even if the GOP wants to do it. It’s not a complicated legal question, it’s a straightforward fact. No amount of posturing will erase the disaster that the Republican Party has brought upon itself. If they wanted to try, here’s what they’d have to do:

First, the RNC must comply with its own rules to change its nominee. Those rules authorize the RNC to “fill any and all vacancies which may occur by reason of death, declination, or otherwise” through a convention or through a vote of “committee members.”

Although his candidacy may be the death knell for the Republican Party, Trump is still very much alive and has stated his unwillingness to withdraw. That only leaves the word “otherwise” as the basis to remove him as the nominee. Numerous election law experts have pointed out the vagueness of this provision and expressed doubt that the RNC could successfully remove Trump this way.

Let’s not forget that Trump has built his public persona on nasty fights, and has a long history of vicious litigation with his opponents. Less than 24 hours passed after the insincerely delivered apology his campaign scripted for him before he was defiantly tweeting his intention -- in all caps, of course -- to never drop out of the race.

A legal fight with Trump will be ugly and expensive, burning through precious time and resources that conservatives need to protect America from another Clinton White House. Second, assuming the RNC successfully votes to replace Trump as its nominee and fends off legal challenges from Trump and his friends within the Republican Party, the RNC still cannot replace Trump on the ballot. Ballot access deadlines – and even write-in deadlines in important states like Texas – have long since passed. Military and overseas absentee ballots have already been sent. Tens of thousands of Americans have already voted in some states.

Thus, swapping Trump for someone more palatable at this late date simply cannot happen. Trump is on the ballot as the nominee of the Republican Party. He will remain there.

We will provide additional legal analysis of the difficulties of removing Trump to interested parties.

The Political Realities

As outlined above, the legal challenges to the fantasy of a Trump/Pence swap are considerable, even if Trump were amenable to such a decision, which he most certainly is not. The political challenges are also daunting and will have enormous negative consequences to the people who think they're saving the GOP. Here are a few reasons why:

The Washington Establishment Has Lost Political and Moral Authority

In their haste to avoid their own political and moral culpability for supporting Trump, the usual suspects in Washington are proposing this absurd swap. They hope that opposing him now, after over a year of silence and assent will result in a different outcome this November. Trump's outrageous insults to POWs, the disabled, Hispanics, Muslims, women, African Americans, and veterans suffering from PTSD have already done deep, lasting, and perhaps catastrophic damage to the Republican brand. Republicans have spent years fighting the Left’s attempts to portray them all as racist, misogynist, uncaring, selfish, crony capitalist fat cats, and then, the party nominated someone who is a brash caricature of the worst extremes of these traits.

Unsatisfied with insulting the vulnerable, Trump added attacks on the very principles upon which America was founded to his repertoire. And as Trump shredded every principle of conservatism, openly boasted he would violate the Constitution, and praised authoritarians like Vladimir Putin, official Washington looked the other way.

Republican leaders in Washington squandered their opportunity. They stood silently by as Trump overtly appealed to racial politics, embraced alt-right white supremacists, and degraded women time and time again.

The time to oppose Trump was in the beginning of this process, not the end.

Trump Won't Go Without A Fight

Let's be clear; Donald Trump's ego, narcissism, and authoritarian tendencies have been fed by the roar of a hundred crowded rallies. The spotlight is more addictive to Trump than any drug, and stepping back from the top of the ticket means Trump is a loser, left in the dark as Mike Pence takes the stage.

Does anyone in Washington seriously believe Trump will relinquish it without a legal, political, or media fight? Trump's erratic behavior would then be unmediated by Kellyanne Conway, or any other campaign professional, and his revenge for being supplanted will shatter the party.

Mike Pence Validated Trump and Inherits Trump's Liabilities

Mike Pence spent the last three months as Donald Trump's most stalwart defender. He validated Trump's record, served as an ambassador to undecided Republicans, and toed the Trump line not only to voters, but to donors and the media, as well. He was watched by millions of Americans just this past week trying to defend Donald Trump's personal and moral character during the Vice Presidential debate - adopting the same kind of reality-denial language Donald Trump has used over and over again.

If the Washington Establishment Deposes Trump, Prepare for Revolt

The fanatic devotion to Donald Trump by his voters has always been his secret weapon. A large measure of that devotion is predicated on their burning hatred for the dreaded "Washington Establishment." Elected officials and RNC insiders pushing to swap Trump for Pence haven't even begun to contemplate the reaction from the core of Trump's base that a plan to depose him would entail. The RNC, members of the House and Senate, and establishment Republicans are the very people they hate more passionately than anyone except Hillary Clinton. The Washington Establishment taking Trump off the ticket will lead to his base in full, open, and vicious revolt.

McMullin Challenges Johnson to Debate

(SALT LAKE CITY - OCT 5) After weeks of working to engage Gary Johnson in a debate, Evan McMullin today repeated his challenge for Johnson to debate and questioned the Libertarian candidate’s suitability and readiness for the Presidency. Major networks and sponsors have approached the campaigns about broadcasting a third-party debate, yet Gov. Johnson refuses to accept the invitation or even discuss it with media, sponsors, or other campaigns. Green Party nominee Dr. Jill Stein has agreed to debate, but Johnson remains in hiding.

Ironically, Johnson not only sued the Commission on Presidential Debates (CPD) to join Trump and Clinton on the stage, but has built his entire campaign around the theme of “Let Gary Debate.” After running for President twice, there is still almost no possibility that Johnson will qualify for the next (or any) main-stage debates, but he continues to duck the only opportunity he will have to present his ideas to a national audience.

McMullin campaign strategist Joel Searby said today, “For years, Libertarians have been waiting for an opportunity to share their ideas with a wider audience. If Johnson turns his back on this one chance, it’s a signal he’s neither a serious candidate or a serious Libertarian. Previously, Johnson could hold the CPD responsible for denying him the opportunity to debate. Now, there is no one else to blame.”

“The pressure on Gary Johnson to either debate or leave the race is growing,” said McMullin senior adviser Rick Wilson, “After staggering from one foreign policy disaster to another since his ‘Aleppo’ moment, his flailing campaign has become the butt of jokes. He’s got one opportunity to set the record straight, and that’s participating in a debate.”

“I’ve challenged Gary and Jill to debate and accepted offers to host the event,” says McMullin, “The American people are hungrier than ever for new voices in the presidential election. Over the past few weeks, Gary has exposed how unprepared and poorly suited he is for the Presidency, raising serious questions about whether he should remain in the race. If he’s going to stay in, he should be willing to publicly defend his candidacy and his ideas.”

The McMullin campaign stands ready to give Americans a substantive debate on the real issues facing this nation. Now, it’s up to Gary Johnson to do the same.