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Evan McMullin Surging in Idaho

Evan and Mindy just wrapped up a great trip to Boise, Idaho, and we thought we'd share some of the positive press attention they earned, including front page newspaper features and television interviews.

Idaho Statesman: Independent presidential candidate McMullin talks to Boiseans about conservatism, his chances



Idaho Press-Tribune: Independent presidential candidate Evan McMullin reaches out to frustrated Idaho voters


KTVB: Evan McMullin Is "Taking Utah By Storm," Gaining Support In Idaho


Salt Lake Tribune: Independent presidential candidate Evan McMullin holds event in Boise


KIDK: Evan McMullin Draws "Big Crowds" In Boise, "Gaining Immense Popularity"


KIVI: "Surging" Evan McMullin Visits Boise and Discusses New Conservative Movement


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Momentum, Media, and Miracles

This has been an incredible week for the campaign.

Our online activity -- from website traffic to social media engagements -- has increased exponentially. Donations are up, with each dollar increasing our ability to share Evan's message with America. 

Recent polling showed Evan in a statistical tie for first place in Utah, even though half of Utahns still hadn't heard about him. We had to switch several Idaho events to bigger venues due to an overwhelming number of RSVPs, and the local fire department still had to turn people away.

The FiveThirtyEight blog responded to the Utah polls by calling Evan the "third-most likely person to be the next president of the United States." For a campaign that launched barely two months ago, we'll take it!

The media has had no choice but to take notice of this momentum. 

Evan had five national television hits today, appearing on MSNBC, CNN twice, and Fox News twice. We've posted them below so you can watch and share with your friends. 







As Evan himself has said, the progress of this campaign has been nothing short of a miracle. Sign up to join our grassroots team, like Evan's Facebook page, contribute if you are able, and help us keep this miraculous momentum going.

News Roundup: September 28th

USA Today op-ed: Evan McMullin: I'll save you from Trump and Clinton

The debate showed that Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump are two sides of the same ugly coin. The twin demons of corruption and authoritarianism drive many of the security and economic challenges facing our nation in an increasingly unstable world. I’ve seen the results of both, up close and personal, in places no American would recognize as the kind of country ours should be. It is time for a new generation of American leadership that abandons these destructive ideas and practices, puts the interests of the American people first and unifies our blessed nation.

Washington Post: Still hate Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton after the first debate? Here’s Evan McMullin!

“This country needs better leadership,” said Evan McMullin.

So many armchair politicians say those words and fail to follow through. Not McMullin. The independent candidate for president threw his hat in the ring more than a month ago and has been taken seriously ever since. Even conservative columnist Erick Erickson declared last week, “McMullin’s candidacy is not the lesser of an evil, but an alternative against evil.” That’s a stamp of approval that should gain more currency for other conservatives after Donald Trump’s disaster of a debate against Hillary Clinton on Monday.

Fox News Radio: Evan McMullin: I’m The Only Candidate With National Security Experience

On Tuesday’s “The Alan Colmes Show”, Independent Candidate for President, Evan McMullin told Alan that that he has voted for the Republican candidate for President his entire life. Though this time around, when Donald Trump became the Republican nominee for President, McMullin knew that he had to step in to the race for the White House. Simply stating, “sometimes you have to stand up and do the right thing, just because it is the right thing”.

Caffeinated Thoughts: Evan McMullin Offers the Leadership America Needs

At the end of the day, I decided independent candidate Evan McMullin is the best candidate to lead our nation for the next four years. He possesses virtue and character that many conservatives consider passé in 2016 but which are vital to our nation’s future. He also has a chance, admittedly a slight one, of stopping both Trump and Clinton.

Interview: Evan McMullin on CNN: The Loser of Last Night's Debate Was America:

Come see Evan at the Texas Tribune Festival

Evan McMullin has been invited to be the closing keynote speaker at the Texas Tribune Festival, an annual event hosted by the Texas Tribune at the University of Texas at Austin. 

The three-day conference will feature top figures in politics, media, and culture from around Texas and the country. Evan's remarks will be a one-on-one conversation with Texas Tribune co-founder and CEO Evan Smith, scheduled for Sunday, September 25th, at 10:15 a.m. 

Smith noted their shared first names, and promoted the event on Twitter as an"All-Evan edition."

I chatted with the "other Evan" briefly earlier today about the upcoming Festival and why they had invited our Evan to be their closing keynote speaker.

"We're thrilled to have a personal conversation about the state of the [presidential] race and the state of the world with the rare person willing these days to put himself out there," said Smith. "Mr. McMullin did not need to run for President, but he felt called to this campaign. It will be illuminating to hear why."

We couldn't agree more!

Tickets are available here, with discounts for students, teachers, and military. There are also still volunteer opportunities available, which would include free admission. 

If you haven't already, please sign up to join our Texas volunteer team. We are planning several events in coordination with Evan's appearance at the Texas Tribune Festival, and want to make sure you're on the list!

Washington Post: Former Romney strategist Stuart Stevens meets with independent candidate

Earlier today, it was reported by The Washington Post that Stuart Stevens, former chief strategist for Mitt Romney's 2012 campaign, met with Evan and a few of us from the team in DC.

Stuart Stevens, the former chief strategist for Mitt Romney’s 2012 presidential campaign, met privately Monday morning in Washington with independent presidential candidate Evan McMullin and his advisers.

The hour-long conversation was informal, with Stevens offering his encouragement and advice to McMullin, who announced his long-shot candidacy in early August.


"It was great to have a chance to hear a conservative who's running for president. It's August 29, and I hadn't heard one since the end of the primary campaign," Stevens said in an interview. "I'm encouraging him, and I think he's doing a great thing. Someone who's stepping up, with tremendous knowledge on foreign and domestic affairs. Someone people could be proud voting for."


Romney has not yet made an endorsement in the 2016 race but he is monitoring McMullin’s progress, according to several people who have spoken with him.

Washington Post: Interview with Evan McMullin, the center-right candidate

Jennifer Rubin, writing for The Washington Post:

Donald Trump is an unstable, bigoted, big-government isolationist. Hillary Clinton is an ethically challenged advocate of a large welfare state. Former New Mexico governor Gary Johnson is a small-government, free-market isolationist who wants to legalize drugs. So where is a center-right voter, someone looking for a candidate of sound character who believes in free markets but also strong U.S. leadership in the world, to go?

Evan McMullin, an independent Republican, says he’s their man.


McMullin is pro-free trade and wants border security but derides the idea of deporting 11 million people. He favors keeping Guantanamo Bay prison open and supports the Republican House plan on tax reform. Like many younger conservatives, he is pro-life but thinks that it is “time to move on” when it comes to gay marriage.


In a campaign with two cynical pols, McMullin is refreshingly enthusiastic and genuine, a word used by politicians who aren’t. “I’m very, very passionate. I love this country. I’ve put my life on the line for this country.” He certainly is giving voice to those #NeverTrump Republicans who stand slack-jawed as they observe their party being corrupted by a charlatan, bigot and ignoramus.

Read more at The Washington Post.

Louise Mensch of Heat Street speaks with Evan McMullin

Check out Evan’s interview with Louise Mensch from Heat Street on Facebook Live!

Watch Evan’s Interview with NowThis Election

Evan had a chance to sit down and talk with the folks at NowThis Election about who he is, why he’s running, and our strategy for winning in November.

We are in this campaign to win it, and there are multiple paths forward. If we all work together, there’s nothing we can’t achieve. Sign up to join us today!

Video: Bret Baier Interviews Evan

Check out Evan’s interview tonight on FOX News. He nailed it!

Yahoo News Now: Evan McMullin on launching his Independent presidential campaign

On Friday, Aug. 12, 2016, Yahoo News Guest Anchor Stephanie Sy interviews Independent presidential candidate Evan McMullin. The former CIA operative turned politician will discuss his decision to launch a third-party candidacy and how he plans to beat Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton in November.