Chip In $1

This has been an incredible week for the campaign.

Our online activity -- from website traffic to social media engagements -- has increased exponentially. Donations are up, with each dollar increasing our ability to share Evan's message with America. 

Recent polling showed Evan in a statistical tie for first place in Utah, even though half of Utahns still hadn't heard about him. We had to switch several Idaho events to bigger venues due to an overwhelming number of RSVPs, and the local fire department still had to turn people away.

The FiveThirtyEight blog responded to the Utah polls by calling Evan the "third-most likely person to be the next president of the United States." For a campaign that launched barely two months ago, we'll take it!

The media has had no choice but to take notice of this momentum. 

Evan had five national television hits today, appearing on MSNBC, CNN twice, and Fox News twice. We've posted them below so you can watch and share with your friends. 







As Evan himself has said, the progress of this campaign has been nothing short of a miracle. Sign up to join our grassroots team, like Evan's Facebook page, contribute if you are able, and help us keep this miraculous momentum going.

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