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Why Mindy Finn Will Be An Amazing Vice President

Some of you have heard my name in the course of my friend Evan McMullin’s incredible run for President. Some of you have seen my name on your ballots.

Who am I? I’m a veteran, a father, and I’m proud to call Evan McMullin a friend.

I’m Nathan Johnson. Yes, that Nathan Johnson.

When Evan entered this race, he told me they’d be doing things that no campaign had ever tried before. He’d need to run a two-year race in just three months. His campaign's need to gain ballot access in as many states as possible meant that Evan needed a placeholder name on the line for Vice President in order to comply with various state laws. I agreed to help my friend by serving as that placeholder. And so, you’ll still see my name on the ballot; in write-in states, if a name is required, you should write my name in as the Vice Presidential candidate.

As I’ve said from the beginning, I wanted to give Evan an opportunity to run for office as an outstanding leader of principle and character.

Knowing my friend Evan, I knew he’d search for the very best person to be his running mate – an advocate for the principles in which he believes – and that he'd make a careful selection.

He did just that when he picked Mindy Finn. Mindy Finn exceeded all of my expectations.

She’s a woman of honor, an entrepreneur, a reformer, and a mother. Mindy is a true leader, and in picking her, Evan has found a running mate for his campaign who is already making a difference in the new conservative movement.

I’m proud of the campaign of hope, optimism, and conservative principles that Evan and Mindy are running. They’re working every day to give Americans a better choice than the candidates of the two major parties, and they’re inspiring millions of Americans in a year where many had given up hope.

So, as you vote, if you see my name under Evan’s, remember that a vote for Evan McMullin for President means a vote for a new conservative movement that Evan and Mindy will lead together.

And, that’s a vote we can all be proud of.

Statement regarding the FBI's re-opening of Hillary Clinton's email server investigation

In the three months since I entered this race, I've said we need a new generation of leadership in this country. We need leaders who serve the American people instead of their own personal, financial, and political interests. Neither Donald Trump or Hillary Clinton meet that standard.

That's why I'm glad the FBI has re-opened their investigation into Hillary Clinton's illegal email servers and her attempts to dodge accountability, dispose of evidence requested by Congress and the FBI, and hide her role in enriching her family and its private foundation during her time as Secretary of State.

I hope the FBI will resist undue influence from the Obama Justice Department and from the White House. The American people deserve a full accounting of Hillary Clinton's actions, as well as a complete understanding of how she exposed our nation's secrets and compromised its ethics.

As we build a new conservative movement, Mindy Finn and I will continue to emphasize the importance of how the leaders we elect must be both honest and ethical.

Step Up or Step Aside: A Call For Leadership


Two months ago, I stood up to oppose Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump and to offer our country better leadership. I did this despite many warning me that I'd be criticized, ridiculed, and even ostracized in Washington and possibly beyond. I stood up anyway. Why? Because I knew it was the right thing to do.

In recent weeks, it's become more clear than ever before that both Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton are corrupt, self-serving, and even abusive people. They should never be entrusted with the security and prosperity of our great nation.

Some of our conservative leaders and elected officials have withdrawn their endorsements of Trump, but most of them have failed to actually stand up for what's right and for us, the American people. Many of them have told me that they support my candidacy, but that they're afraid to say it publicly for fear of upsetting Trump, his supporters, or the Republican Party. 

It's now mid-October, just weeks away from Election Day, and I'm calling on all elected leaders in America to stand and be counted with me and my running mate, Mindy Finn. We're the only conservative ticket in this election, and we're fighting for the timeless ideals on which our nation was founded -- that all men and women are created equal, and that we all have God-given rights to life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness. In just two months, millions of voters have joined our cause and the momentum is growing daily.

Today, and through the rest of the election, I'm asking you to call on your representatives in Congress, as well as your state and local leaders, to stand with us and be counted. This election has truly become a fight between right and wrong. We must hold our leaders accountable for what they did, or did not do, when it mattered most.

I can't tell you how proud I am to be standing with you in this cause.



Beyond Tonight’s Debate: New American Leadership

Tonight we're about to see a debate between two candidates who personify our country’s leadership crisis. The candidates, parties, and politics you'll see on that stage tonight are less than what you deserve as voters, and as Americans.

Hillary Clinton is ethically compromised and put our nation at risk with her failed tenure as Secretary of State. She lacks ideas beyond tired, top-down, in-your-business, failed ideas that will plunge America further into crippling debt. She's repeatedly dodged accountability for her actions, used government to enrich her foundation, and endangered our national security with her use of an unsecured email server.

Donald Trump is politically, morally, and personally repugnant. Even his supporters know that more revelations of his disgusting sexual behavior are yet to come. He bragged about using his celebrity and position to engage in what can only be described as sexual assault. He's a weak, sick, and vicious man with no business occupying the White House.

Americans have no one to vote for on that stage. They have no one they can trust to serve the country's interests instead of political interests or their own dark impulses. 

Tonight, as you watch these two unworthy and unacceptable candidates, I'd like you to focus on the kind of candidates you'd like to see in the White House...not the kind of candidates you feel forced to settle for. 

My running mate Mindy Finn and I represent a new generation of leadership, and a new chance for Americans sickened by the two major parties to have a vote and a voice in this election.  

Today, I'm asking you, my fellow Americans, to reject these two awful candidates and to support a new generation of leadership. If you see my name on your ballot, check the box. If not, write-in my name. I'm officially registered as a write-in candidate in the vast majority of other states. Your vote will count. 

Our votes are our voices and if we do not use them to stand against what we know is wrong and for what we know is right, we will never get the kind of leaders we need.

Mindy and I are optimistic about America's future, hopeful for a nation that's united, not divided, and welcoming of voices and views from people across this great, promised land. 

I'm Evan McMullin. I'll be tweeting during the debate tonight.

I hope you'll join the conversation.


Follow @Evan_McMullin@MindyFinn, and @TeamMcMullin to join our debate discussion tonight, and use the hashtags #Debates2016, #DebateNight, and #EvanDebate.

What an incredible night

Evan just finished giving a speech here in Provo, Utah to over 1,000 dedicated supporters. He spoke on principles for new American leadership, a topic as important as any other, which is sadly missing in today's political discourse.

He didn't speak from a teleprompter. He hardly used notes. He spoke from the heart. 

Evan choked up a few times as he spoke of freedom and liberty. Heck, he even choked up talking about the choice piece of land our country has the privilege of sitting on. This is a man who deeply loves our country. 

From the start, we laid out a plan to plant our flag in Utah and our  would spread to the Mountain West and elsewhere.

The plan is working. But even better than we thought as voters in Virginia, Iowa, Minnesota, South Carolina, Colorado and beyond are getting more and more excited about Evan's campaign.

We are surging in Utah. I am so proud of our amazing Utah team. Our grassroots operation is in full swing all across the country. People are ready for a new generation of American leadership.

Tonight's speech was huge in so many ways. Evan is leading the way for conservative values: returning powers to the states, decreasing the size of our federal government, increasing liberty and freedom amongst all, and recognizing the dignity of every single human being. 

There is no doubt that Evan McMullin is the most honorable and most prepared candidate in this race. 

This movement is growing quickly. If you haven't already, we invite you to join us. If you're already on our team, please keep up the hard work. Our country is worth it. It's never too late to do the right thing.


Statement on Senator Ted Cruz's Endorsement of Donald Trump

Over the past year, I and countless other Americans have been disappointed as many Republican leaders have compromised and then abandoned their most precious beliefs and principles in support of Donald Trump.

For many conservatives, Senator Ted Cruz was a leader who refused to compromise his principles, and many saw him as a source of hope for the future of the Republican Party.

That’s why Ted Cruz’s betrayal of conservatism is so shocking.

The Ted Cruz who stood firm in so many fights in the Senate and in the 2016 election just sold his integrity to Donald Trump, a man with no respect for our Constitution or our nation's founding ideals.

While Ted Cruz isn't the first to betray our country's interests in exchange for political expediency, he is certainly one of the most important.

It’s why the GOP is in such deep trouble as a political vehicle for the conservative movement and for American leadership.

From a party that honored the Constitution, believed in equality, promoted free markets, and respected the sanctity of life, the GOP has become a reflection of Trump’s big-government statism, reckless demagoguery, and shameful embrace of racial division.

Many Republican leaders felt forced to support Donald Trump. Some did so reluctantly. Some did so for political expedience. Some did so to cling to power in Washington, DC. Some did it for a check.

The American people have had enough of politicians who will say and do anything for selfish political gain.

That’s why I’m running for President — to ensure that the timeless American principles and character on which our nation was founded are preserved for generations to come.

To every American who is fed up with both of these candidates and the politicians who kowtow to them: I invite you to join me. Together, we will build a new era of American leadership.

America deserves so much better than Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton.

Today, Ted Cruz proved they deserve better than him.

Donald Trump: King of the Birthers

Donald Trump’s embarrassing display today in Washington is one more example of why he is completely disqualified to serve as President of the United States.

His campaign staff’s panicked move to have him read a carefully-worded teleprompter statement to cover up his ongoing record of stoking the birther issue simply added more fuel to the fire.

Today demonstrates once again that he’s been either a conspiracy theorist of the highest order or a man willing to peddle a false and divisive story that does nothing but embarrass and humiliate Republicans and conservatives who buy in to it.

Both the birther issue itself and the assertion that Hillary Clinton was its origin have been thoroughly debunked by Politifact,, the Washington Post, the New York Times and every other credible media source in the country.

This is the same Donald Trump who claims Senator Ted Cruz's father was involved in the assassination of President Kennedy, that the US government lied about 9/11 and that he saw thousands of American Muslims cheering when the Twin Towers came down.

Trump is a serial liar and fabulist without the credibility to serve as President.

Remembering 9/11/01

Like many Americans, I can still remember where I was on 9/11. On that perfect September morning, I was in a training course at CIA Headquarters in Langley, Virginia when I learned our nation was under attack. As smoke rose from lower Manhattan, the Pentagon and the now-hallowed ground in Shanksville, PA, we learned about the thousands of men and women who lost their lives, and the families and friends they left behind. The sight and sound of U.S. fighter jets patrolling the skies above Washington and New York served as a constant reminder of the threat we faced.

Thousands of Americans from around the country pledged to respond.

Back then, I was just beginning covert operations training with the CIA’s National Clandestine Service. The attacks that day gave new purpose to our training and, when we finished, I deployed to South Asia and then to the Middle East where I spent the next several years running intelligence operations, largely against al-Qaeda and other terrorist organizations.

Though I served in far-away war zones and other hostile environments, I learned a great deal about America during those years. With me were some of the most patriotic and courageous men and women our nation has ever known. Some were my Agency colleagues, who work quietly in the shadows at tremendous risk. Others were special forces operators or conventional U.S. military forces — all unmatched in their professionalism and undaunted by the danger they faced. I wish all Americans had the opportunity to know them as I did.

Some carried out death-defying feats that even Hollywood movies now struggle to fully portray. Others worked quietly, piecing together fragmented intelligence information so we could defeat our enemy. All made sacrifices and, for some, that meant giving their own lives. They knew they were serving a cause greater than themselves, and they did so with grace and valor.

From the moment those first firefighters rushed into the Towers, our generation has seen real-life heroes. Their example should inspire all of us, each day, to live up to their honor, courage, and sacrifice. They were engaged in a fight for good against the dark evil of Islamist terrorism. They came from all religious, racial, and ethnic backgrounds yet they were united in this cause and by a love of country.

It was during those years that I grew to more fully understand what makes our country special. It is our commitment to liberty, tolerance, and self-rule. It is the willingness of brave Americans to stand up for good when it is under attack — even when the enemy has a head start, no moral boundaries, and when the conditions are uncertain. This is the America that I know and this is the America that I still love and believe is worth defending.

Today, I mourn the loss of the lives of so many Americans as well as those of our allies from around the world who have stood up for this fight, for America, and for the cause of liberty. I honor the service of thousands of Americans, who continue the mission today in the same spirit. May we never forget their sacrifice and may we never fail to follow their lead.

A new generation of leadership in the White House

This op-ed appeared in The Deseret News on September 8, 2016.

One month ago, I launched a campaign for president of the United States. Our nation has been divided and adrift for too long under the leadership of parties and politicians who have placed their own interests above of those of the American people.

Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump — the two most distrusted and disliked major party nominees in modern history — offer more of the same. They promote old ideas of unaccountable government and bigotry that divide us, make us less secure and weaken our economy. We urgently need a new generation of leaders who will serve the American people and unite our nation around liberty and tolerance for each other.

My service with the Central Intelligence Agency, experience in business and time as the House Republicans’ chief policy director has prepared me well to secure our country, energize our economy and make the federal government accountable to the American people once again.

Clinton and Trump are wholly unfit for this responsibility.

For many, this election has become about choosing the lesser of two evils. Parties and politicians have been selling us this lesser-of-evils argument for years, exploiting our fears and lowering our standards for them.

Our Founding Fathers risked their lives for this country, while many of our leaders today are unwilling to even risk their re-election or be criticized publicly to stand up for America. For them, self-interest comes before our national interest. The lesser-of-evils mindset weakens our role as citizens and has promoted too many such leaders, who have taken us down a path of division, insecurity and economic stagnation.

We are blessed to live in a land where our God-given rights are enshrined in our inspired Constitution. Yet even with these tremendous blessings, our future still depends upon our selection of honest and wise leaders. Our votes are worth far more than those who make the lesser-of-evils argument would lead us to believe.

Now more than ever, our votes show where we stand in the fight between good and evil in this world. Our votes are our voices, and if we do not embrace good and reject evil we cannot expect the blessings of good leadership.

Clinton is a deeply corrupt politician who puts her own quest for power above the interests of the American people. She believes she is unaccountable to us — a profound sign of disrespect for the people she would lead. She has a troubling habit of lying to the country, and has compromised our national security to conceal her corruption. She supports a massive, intrusive federal government in which insiders flourish and regular Americans’ voices are unheard as our nation races towards fiscal crisis.

Trump is temperamentally and philosophically dangerous to America. His cavalier disregard of the Constitution and his absurd policy ideas would threaten civil liberties while expanding government borrowing and spending at dangerous rates. His bigoted attacks on religious and racial minorities are designed to pit Americans against each other in a perverse effort to weaken us while empowering himself.

These are the tactics of the Third-World dictators he admires, and they pose a threat to American liberty previously unseen. His vulgarity, dishonesty and intolerance are now being imitated by millions, eroding our nation’s ideals and power. We know better than to support leaders with such characteristics.

Either a Clinton or a Trump presidency would likely do significant and lasting damage to our country.

After years of running for president, Libertarian candidate Gary Johnson still has little chance of winning the Electoral College votes needed to stop them. His promotion of a drug culture in America, opposition to religious liberty, and reckless national security ideas have made him an unacceptable choice for most voters. His support has been capped in the single digits, and he appears to be pulling votes somewhat equally from Clinton and Trump.

I am running to give voters someone they can support proudly, while denying Clinton and Trump a victory. If neither win a majority of votes in the Electoral College, the U.S. House of Representatives will choose our next president from the top three finishers. At this late stage, I believe this is our best chance of electing a better leader for America. We will not need to compete in every state nor win a majority in the Electoral College, but we will need to win key states, while impacting the outcome in others.

Utah is key to this strategy. The Beehive State strongly rejected Trump and Clinton in the primaries this year, and I am calling on Utahns to lead again. It will not be easy, but it is a fight worth having and it can be successful with your active support.

The time has come for a new generation of leadership that will put the American people first and unite us in our shared love of liberty and the pursuit of happiness. Securing this leadership will require us to stand up for what we know is right, and against what we know is not.

If we do, I believe our nation will be blessed with a more prosperous, secure and unified future.

Evan McMullin is an independent candidate for president of the United States.

I refuse to accept a bully president

From Day One, I’ve been clear that this campaign is not about me. I never aspired to be president, and I’m not a politician. I’m just an American who, like millions of others, had hoped this year would bring us better nominees who could offer compelling visions of a better future.

When it was clear none would emerge, I decided to stand up. It’s never too late to do the right thing, and I just couldn’t stand knowing I didn’t do everything I could. That’s why I’m running for president.

But even before I got into this race, there were true conservatives who were already standing up and speaking truth to power in their own party. They were #NeverTrump before it was a hashtag, and even as he secured the nomination they’ve never wavered in their conviction that he is unfit to be president. These American patriots are our nation’s best leaders, and the way that they’ve held to their principles in the face of tremendous pressure should never be forgotten.

But Donald Trump is a weak, fragile, and petulant man who cannot stomach dissent or criticism. Even as he promises to be a “uniter” who will bring the country together, he lashes out against leaders within his own party — courageous, principled conservatives like Arizona Senator Jeff Flake.


I reject Trump’s attacks on Senator Flake
, and I hope you’ll join me showing the senator that we’ve got his back by making a donation to his campaign. We need to rally around our best leaders, not berate them, and no one aspiring to the presidency of the United States should use their position to bully or demean their fellow Americans.

This election isn’t about me, and at this point it isn’t just about who will sit in the Oval Office in January. It’s about the character of our nation: who we are and who we aspire to be. I refuse to accept a bully president, and that’s why I think it’s so important that we not only defeat Donald Trump in November but that we stand up, every day, to his unacceptable attacks on our nation’s most courageous leaders. I’m glad to know I can count on you to stand with me.

With Hope For Our Future,

Evan McMullin