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Earlier today, our team joined supporters of Libertarian presidential candidate Gary Johnson outside the headquarters of the Commission on Presidential Debates. The Johnson supporters had gathered to tell the Commission to “let Gary debate” against Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton, and we here on Team McMullin wanted to take the opportunity to highlight the need for an alternative debate if the third party candidates continued to be shut out of the main stage.

Given the Johnson campaign’s focus of getting their candidate on stage, we’ve been a little confused why they haven’t returned our calls -- or the calls of networks who are willing to cover a third party debate.

Since this rally was going on a few blocks down the street, we thought we’d stop by and ask in person. We showed up with McMullin signs and seamlessly integrated into “Let Gary debate” chants…of course adding “Evan” on to the end.


It turned out that the Johnson rally wasn’t officially sponsored by the campaign, even though it appeared on their website. So while we couldn’t talk to his staff, we did have a great opportunity to interact with his supporters.

Many of them had not heard of Evan, so we talked about his national security background and his experience in business and in the House GOP Conference. We talked about his positive vision for the country, full of opportunity, dignity, and unity. We also mentioned how many of our supporters had been pushing for a third party with Evan, Gary Johnson, and Jill Stein -- and they agreed!

In fact, we even made a few friends. Our team exchanged contact information with one of the event organizers, and we’re going to remain in touch as we push to include more third party voices in the main event debates.

What we were reminded of today is that this election has left millions of Americans starving for a better alternative. Earlier this week at Hofstra, we heard only more of the same failed, big-government ideas that have left our economy behind and voters deeply worried about the direction of our nation. Evan McMullin knows we can do better. It’s why so many of us have flocked to this campaign.

If Evan can just get one shot on stage with the other third party candidates, I know Americans will see that he is no ordinary candidate. Every day, I’m impressed by his ability to connect with voters even as he speaks fluently on policy issues. His kindness and genuine humility come across daily in the office, and I think they will only be magnified on the debate stage.

Our thanks go out to the gracious Johnson supporters we met today, and we hope that their campaign lives up to its slogan and lets Gary debate…Evan.

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