Chip In $1

Political campaigns are expensive. I often hear people say we spend way too much money on politics in this country. I disagree. We spend too little, and its coming from the wrong places. Let me explain.

In 2015, Americans spent more than $60 BILLION on our pets. Yes, our pets. Total election spending this year will exceed ONE billion. But not two billion. Let it sink in. We spend more on food, toys, kennels and poop bags than we do on electing the leaders of our country. Poop bags.

Now, let me just say unequivocally - there are a LOT of bad actors in politics purely in it for the money. They should be dealt with by refusing to work with them. But I want to assure you, those people are NOT going to work with or for this campaign. Every dollar you give us goes into hiring great people, building great infrastructure and getting the word out about Evan and the movement we’re building.

So I want to ask you, like I have asked myself, “are you putting your money into the things you really care about and think are important?" Maybe today you will, like me, decide to sacrifice some comforts and everyday things, maybe even that pet toy, and instead invest in the future of our country. It matters. And I promise you we will use it wisely.



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