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Zero Dollars

Zero dollars.

That's how much money our campaign has received from PACs: not one penny.

We've also received zero dollars from Mitt Romney. Zero dollars from either President Bush.

And yes, zero dollars from the Clinton Foundation.

What we have received is financial support from real Americans all over the country. Our average donation is only $35.

If you're worried about the impact money has on political campaigns, you're not alone. Many Americans fear that politicians who receive huge financial contributions will feel an obligation to the powerful interests behind those big checks.

This extraordinary campaign that has launched a previously unknown candidate within striking distance of winning electoral votes and making a real impact on this election, is a genuine grassroots effort.

If politicians feel obligated to those who finance their campaigns, then Evan is indebted to no one but you, the American people.

You are the ones who, when seeking a better choice for President, gave our campaign a chance. You are the ones who made your own signs and t-shirts, painted your car windows, and printed your own flyers to hand out to your neighbors.

You are 100% of the support for our campaign, and we deeply appreciate it.

Join our movement and contribute today:



Vote for Evan McMullin and Nathan Johnson

Over the past week, we’ve been told by thousands of people that they are casting their vote for Evan McMullin. We are so incredibly thankful for these patriotic Americans standing up for what is right.

In this time, we’ve also received a lot of questions, which is understandable because what we’re doing has NEVER been done before.

The questions usually are:

  1. If Evan McMullin is on the ballot, why is his running mate Nathan Johnson?
  2. If I’m writing in Evan McMullin, for Vice President, do I write in Mindy Finn or Nathan Johnson?

Here are a few clarifying points:

  1. Almost every state requires a name for Vice President when qualifying for ballot access or verified write-in status.
  2. Almost all of these deadlines passed before Mindy Finn joined the ticket.
  3. Nathan Johnson is a trusted friend of Evan’s who was willing to fill in as a temporary placeholder in order to give voters across the nation a chance to vote for Evan McMullin.
  4. Therefore, if you are voting for Evan McMullin, write-in “Nathan Johnson” as the Vice President, because that is how our paperwork was filed with states and votes will be counted.
  5. In the event that the race is pushed to the U.S. Congress, House of Representatives, Nathan Johnson will resign and be replaced by Mindy Finn.

Sound crazy? We’ll be the first to agree with you! But please do remember that this is an unprecedented three month presidential campaign gaining tremendous momentum all across the nation.

We could be the first campaign in 48 years to win an electoral vote outside of the two party duopoly.

This has taken creativity and a deep desire to give the American people a candidate worthy of this great nation.

So, during early voting and on November 8, either vote or write-in “Evan McMullin” and “Nathan Johnson.”

Our nation deserves better!

We keep on fighting

On the 30th of September, we worried that the movement we were building wouldn't have the resources to compete. We ended the reporting period with just over $4,000 cash on hand - even after a great surge coming out of the gate in August.

We promised ourselves we'd fight on, even as volunteers. But, it looked like we wouldn't have the resources to fight on for long.

Americans who were sick of the political system that gave us Clinton and Trump had other ideas.

Ordinary people stepped in, stepped up, and took this fight into their own hands. They wanted a better option. They wanted us to fight, and fight hard for them.

It wasn't the big money interests in Washington and New York who stepped up. In fact, the RNC and others did everything they could to block donors from supporting us.

Then, in what felt like nothing short of a miracle, it all changed. Evan's poll numbers shot up. More people were hearing about Evan and they were giving what they could - not lobbyists and Washington elites, but ordinary people. As of today, we've raised hundreds of thousands of dollars from ordinary Americans like you. Our average contribution is just $35.34.

More importantly, they told us over and over to keep fighting. To keep pressing on. To keep standing up for courage, decency, and for the values that define and preserve this great nation in good times and in bad.

Our campaign has always been about more than a ruthless climb to power or a childish demagogue's destructive tantrums.

Our campaign has been about you.

You gave us the resources to fight on. And, that's just what we're doing in Utah, Idaho, and across this great country. The tide is rising. Our movement is growing. From a few dozen people in small rooms, we're now drawing thousands - not to hear a message of hate and division, but to hear a call to unity, true greatness, and American renewal.

We still have challenges. While we are up against the two least popular candidates in history, they do have a lot of money. But, we aren’t afraid. We won’t be deterred.

The polls show we can win Utah. We can win Idaho. We can win in the Mountain West and beyond. This is now bigger than we dreamed. You got us this far. And, we're prepared take it all the way.

For that, I - along with the rest of our team - remain eternally grateful.


The Silliest Meme on the Internet

The Internet is full of great things. Cat memes. Twitter.

It's also full of some weapons-grade silliness, designed by those who get their kicks out of attempting to fool others. Like this ridiculous item below:


A few folks have been taken in by one of the most blatant forgeries I've seen in a long time.

Of course, it's a lie. But it's not just a lie. It's a dumb and desperate lie.

Evan's campaign of optimistic, conservative principles is bringing people to our cause and our movement...and bringing out the trolls.

We get it. Evan is a threat to Trump now, and his people are losing their minds as we close in on him in Utah and beyond.

Expect more of this kind of ridiculous garbage in your social media feeds as the Trump campaign collapses. We're ready. You should be, too.

P.S. And if you still believe that document is real, I've got some swampland in Florida to sell you. You can pay for it with a loan from a Nigerian prince I got an email from last week. If the Lizard People or the Illuminati don't get us first.

Let Gary Debate…Evan

Earlier today, our team joined supporters of Libertarian presidential candidate Gary Johnson outside the headquarters of the Commission on Presidential Debates. The Johnson supporters had gathered to tell the Commission to “let Gary debate” against Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton, and we here on Team McMullin wanted to take the opportunity to highlight the need for an alternative debate if the third party candidates continued to be shut out of the main stage.

Given the Johnson campaign’s focus of getting their candidate on stage, we’ve been a little confused why they haven’t returned our calls -- or the calls of networks who are willing to cover a third party debate.

Since this rally was going on a few blocks down the street, we thought we’d stop by and ask in person. We showed up with McMullin signs and seamlessly integrated into “Let Gary debate” chants…of course adding “Evan” on to the end.


It turned out that the Johnson rally wasn’t officially sponsored by the campaign, even though it appeared on their website. So while we couldn’t talk to his staff, we did have a great opportunity to interact with his supporters.

Many of them had not heard of Evan, so we talked about his national security background and his experience in business and in the House GOP Conference. We talked about his positive vision for the country, full of opportunity, dignity, and unity. We also mentioned how many of our supporters had been pushing for a third party with Evan, Gary Johnson, and Jill Stein -- and they agreed!

In fact, we even made a few friends. Our team exchanged contact information with one of the event organizers, and we’re going to remain in touch as we push to include more third party voices in the main event debates.

What we were reminded of today is that this election has left millions of Americans starving for a better alternative. Earlier this week at Hofstra, we heard only more of the same failed, big-government ideas that have left our economy behind and voters deeply worried about the direction of our nation. Evan McMullin knows we can do better. It’s why so many of us have flocked to this campaign.

If Evan can just get one shot on stage with the other third party candidates, I know Americans will see that he is no ordinary candidate. Every day, I’m impressed by his ability to connect with voters even as he speaks fluently on policy issues. His kindness and genuine humility come across daily in the office, and I think they will only be magnified on the debate stage.

Our thanks go out to the gracious Johnson supporters we met today, and we hope that their campaign lives up to its slogan and lets Gary debate…Evan.

How to help military, overseas, and student voters cast their ballots for Evan

Did you know today is National Voter Registration Day? We know YOU have likely already registered, so today we need you to help us reach out to voters with special circumstances [listed below] in order to get them registered to vote and ensure they know about our candidate, Evan McMullin.

U.S. Citizens Overseas

You may have friends and family overseas that are not even aware of Evan’s historic candidacy! They may be in the Peace Corps, studying abroad, working as church missionaries, or volunteering with international aid organizations. Please help these overseas voters by sending them an e-mail. Tell them why you support Evan, and encourage them to vote for him. Make sure you include these two things:

(1)  This link: will allow your friends and family overseas to register and download a ballot to vote for Evan.
(2)  This McMullin Fact Sheet, which provides an overview of Evan’s candidacy.

U.S. Military and their Family
Military ballots have already gone out. This means our friends in the military may already be casting their votes and sending them in. It's still not too late to tell them about Evan!

Whether your military friends and family are in the U.S. or overseas, please send them an e-mail. Tell them why you support Evan, and encourage them to vote for him. Make sure you also include these two things:
(1)   This link:, which will allow your friends and family to register and download a ballot to vote for Evan.
(2)   This overview: Evan McMullin: A Candidate Military Voters Can Trust, which illustrates why Evan is the obvious candidate for military voters.

Both active military members and their dependents can use this voting system.
Evan McMullin is the candidate who appeals to younger voters. Don’t let your friends in college forget to register and vote by absentee ballot. Most states permit online registration, but deadlines are rapidly approaching. Remind your college friends to register and request an absentee ballot by sending them this link:
These long distance voters may not realize how easy it is to vote remotely. Now that we have a great candidate to vote for, please reach out to them to ensure they know about Evan. Post this information in your networks so voters can send it along to their own networks. Please e-mail [email protected] with any questions. We greatly appreciate your help!
P.S. If for some reason you aren’t registered, fix that by going here:
Have more questions about voting? Google “How to Vote” and a summary box of information will appear at the top of your search results with everything you need to know about voting in your state.

Despite the odds...

Today we are announcing four more states who can vote for Evan — Alaska, Montana, Tennessee, and West Virginia! The "experts" keep saying we don't have "ballot access" but they continue to underestimate the power of the people of this country and a great team dedicated to a cause. Becoming a write-in for many states is a surprisingly difficult task that requires lots of paperwork and effort. But our amazing team keeps knocking off more and more states to ensure that as many Americans as possible can cast their vote for Evan.

A write-in vote is NOT a waste, or a protest. It is an affirmative, positive action we take and it is our voice. A vote for Evan is a vote you can be proud of, no matter how it's cast. For far too long we have been fed the lie that we must vote for the lesser of two evils. As the quote goes, "a vote for the lesser of two evils is still a vote for evil." You don't have to do that. Vote for Evan McMullin. And as of today, if you're in Alaska, Montana, Tennessee or West Virginia, you're officially added to the growing list!

Help us build our grassroots network to reach voters in these states by making a donation today!

For quick reference, here's the status:

  • Alabama (Write-In)
  • Arkansas (Ballot)
  • Colorado (Ballot)
  • Delaware (Write-In)
  • Georgia (Write-In)
  • Idaho (Ballot)
  • Illinois (Write-In)
  • Iowa (Ballot)
  • Kentucky (Ballot)
  • Louisiana (Ballot)
  • Maine (Write-In)
  • Maryland (Write-In)
  • Massachusetts (Write-In)
  • Michigan (Write-In) 
  • Minnesota (Ballot)
  • New Hampshire (Write-In)
  • New Jersey (Write-In)
  • New Mexico (Ballot)
  • Ohio (Write-In)
  • Oregon (Write-In)
  • Pennsylvania (Write-In)
  • Rhode Island (Write-In)
  • South Carolina (Ballot)
  • Texas (Write-In)
  • Utah (Ballot)
  • Vermont (Write-In)
  • Virginia (Ballot)
  • Alaska (Write-in)
  • Montana (Write-in)
  • Tennessee (Write-in)
  • West Virginia (Write-in)

Choose Your America

Evan McMullin’s team isn’t like an ordinary campaign. We’re drawn to this mission because we’re all dedicated to giving America a better choice in this election, and to building a movement where conservatives can cast a vote of which they can be proud.

With so little time on the calendar, we don’t sleep much; we all work 20 hour days, and we’ve got a candidate who drives just as hard. It’s all worth it. We’re fighting a battle to help save this country from two terrible, dangerous, and divisive candidates.

We’re a tight group, with a loyalty and commitment to one another that’s unique in campaigns.

We’re not here to make Hillary Clinton or Donald Trump happy, so we get heat from all sides. We roll with it.

But when a Trump troll left a truly disgusting, racist rant on our Communications Director Rina Shah’s voicemail, we thought you should hear it.

You can listen to it here and judge for yourself. Trust me, even bleeped, it’s not safe for work:

Rina was born in West Virginia. She’s been a loyal Republican and conservative. She’s a wife, a mom, and a professional. She gets in early, leaves late, and works her tail off - every day. She’s a Hindu, not a Muslim (we do have Muslims on our team, along with Catholics, Evangelicals, Mormons, Jews, and atheists).

It says a lot about the troll in question, but it says more about where American politics and public life is headed in the age of Donald Trump. This is a guy who didn’t think twice about leaving a voicemail filled with grotesque ethnic and religious slurs. To him, and too many of Trump's backers, that is normal political discourse now.

This is only a small drop in the ocean of hatred that defines not just Donald Trump, but also his team, and even members of his family. They work hard every day to divide America - to mainstream this kind of behavior.

His allies on the alt-right love this game. They want an America not just where different races and religions don’t talk...they want an America where they live in separate homelands. They want an America where the Republican Party becomes a white nationalist party. And, they may very well get their way.

Not every Trump supporter is a racist; many are simply misled, many are angry with two failed parties...but it sure looks like all the racists around these parts are Trump supporters.

Just as these trolls wouldn’t act this way without Trump’s encouragement, Trump himself couldn’t play these games if the leadership of the Republican Party stood up, called him out, and told him his constant stoking of racial hatred is unacceptable.

Far too many members of Congress have told us privately how much they hate Trump, and hate what he’s doing to this country. Some have stood on stage with him, smiling and waving, and yet they admit they lack the moral courage to do the right thing. They’ve told us behind closed doors how scared they are of becoming his targets.

Far too many elected officials, and too many party leaders, use the excuse that they’re endorsing Trump and not his followers.

But the truth is, they’re not just his endorsers. They’re his enablers.







A Report on Our Progress

We are enormously proud of what we’ve built in 6 short weeks. Evan has attracted an army of volunteers and supporters around the country. We have state leaders in 35 states and counting, highly-organized teams in battlegrounds like Ohio, Wisconsin, Iowa, Virginia, Utah, and Colorado as well as over 10,000 donors as of today. We have over 150,000 people engaged online with us as volunteers, sign-ups, followers, and supporters. This is clearly a movement, not a protest candidacy.

As we progress, we will continue to organize the thousands of Americans who are hungry for a better choice for president and for a new movement in American politics. That will include growing our number of state and county chairs in preparation for our turnout operation and solidifying the foundation of what comes after this election.

As reports will show today, between August 8th and 31st, just 18 business days, we raised over $320,000 (slightly above our initial estimates) from small donors, almost exclusively online and without spending any money on advertising for contributions. The grassroots outpouring has been incredible. Our movement is supported by regular Americans from across the country who are sacrificing their hard-earned money. We are also increasingly encouraged by traditional political donors who realize we are building a movement - they are hosting fundraisers in various states and helping us achieve our goals.

Just a few weeks in, pollsters began to include us in their national and state polls and we were, frankly, surprised at how much traction we already have. In just three weeks we were at 9% in Utah, 3% in Virginia, and 1% nationally. While these numbers may seem modest, they indicate immediately that we can make a decisive impact in this election in a variety of key states.

As of today, voters in 27 states can vote for Evan and we project that number will reach over 40 by election day. This includes, per our plan, a combination of traditional ballot access, minor party nominations, and write-in filings. We are committed to giving as many Americans as possible the chance to vote their conscience and vote for the future by voting for Evan McMullin.

We are confident that millions of Americans will do just that.

Is our country's future worth more than our pets?

Political campaigns are expensive. I often hear people say we spend way too much money on politics in this country. I disagree. We spend too little, and its coming from the wrong places. Let me explain.

In 2015, Americans spent more than $60 BILLION on our pets. Yes, our pets. Total election spending this year will exceed ONE billion. But not two billion. Let it sink in. We spend more on food, toys, kennels and poop bags than we do on electing the leaders of our country. Poop bags.

Now, let me just say unequivocally - there are a LOT of bad actors in politics purely in it for the money. They should be dealt with by refusing to work with them. But I want to assure you, those people are NOT going to work with or for this campaign. Every dollar you give us goes into hiring great people, building great infrastructure and getting the word out about Evan and the movement we’re building.

So I want to ask you, like I have asked myself, “are you putting your money into the things you really care about and think are important?" Maybe today you will, like me, decide to sacrifice some comforts and everyday things, maybe even that pet toy, and instead invest in the future of our country. It matters. And I promise you we will use it wisely.