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Today we are announcing four more states who can vote for Evan — Alaska, Montana, Tennessee, and West Virginia! The "experts" keep saying we don't have "ballot access" but they continue to underestimate the power of the people of this country and a great team dedicated to a cause. Becoming a write-in for many states is a surprisingly difficult task that requires lots of paperwork and effort. But our amazing team keeps knocking off more and more states to ensure that as many Americans as possible can cast their vote for Evan.

A write-in vote is NOT a waste, or a protest. It is an affirmative, positive action we take and it is our voice. A vote for Evan is a vote you can be proud of, no matter how it's cast. For far too long we have been fed the lie that we must vote for the lesser of two evils. As the quote goes, "a vote for the lesser of two evils is still a vote for evil." You don't have to do that. Vote for Evan McMullin. And as of today, if you're in Alaska, Montana, Tennessee or West Virginia, you're officially added to the growing list!

Help us build our grassroots network to reach voters in these states by making a donation today!

For quick reference, here's the status:

  • Alabama (Write-In)
  • Arkansas (Ballot)
  • Colorado (Ballot)
  • Delaware (Write-In)
  • Georgia (Write-In)
  • Idaho (Ballot)
  • Illinois (Write-In)
  • Iowa (Ballot)
  • Kentucky (Ballot)
  • Louisiana (Ballot)
  • Maine (Write-In)
  • Maryland (Write-In)
  • Massachusetts (Write-In)
  • Michigan (Write-In) 
  • Minnesota (Ballot)
  • New Hampshire (Write-In)
  • New Jersey (Write-In)
  • New Mexico (Ballot)
  • Ohio (Write-In)
  • Oregon (Write-In)
  • Pennsylvania (Write-In)
  • Rhode Island (Write-In)
  • South Carolina (Ballot)
  • Texas (Write-In)
  • Utah (Ballot)
  • Vermont (Write-In)
  • Virginia (Ballot)
  • Alaska (Write-in)
  • Montana (Write-in)
  • Tennessee (Write-in)
  • West Virginia (Write-in)

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