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Zero Dollars

Zero dollars.

That's how much money our campaign has received from PACs: not one penny.

We've also received zero dollars from Mitt Romney. Zero dollars from either President Bush.

And yes, zero dollars from the Clinton Foundation.

What we have received is financial support from real Americans all over the country. Our average donation is only $35.

If you're worried about the impact money has on political campaigns, you're not alone. Many Americans fear that politicians who receive huge financial contributions will feel an obligation to the powerful interests behind those big checks.

This extraordinary campaign that has launched a previously unknown candidate within striking distance of winning electoral votes and making a real impact on this election, is a genuine grassroots effort.

If politicians feel obligated to those who finance their campaigns, then Evan is indebted to no one but you, the American people.

You are the ones who, when seeking a better choice for President, gave our campaign a chance. You are the ones who made your own signs and t-shirts, painted your car windows, and printed your own flyers to hand out to your neighbors.

You are 100% of the support for our campaign, and we deeply appreciate it.

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Why Mindy Finn Will Be An Amazing Vice President

Some of you have heard my name in the course of my friend Evan McMullin’s incredible run for President. Some of you have seen my name on your ballots.

Who am I? I’m a veteran, a father, and I’m proud to call Evan McMullin a friend.

I’m Nathan Johnson. Yes, that Nathan Johnson.

When Evan entered this race, he told me they’d be doing things that no campaign had ever tried before. He’d need to run a two-year race in just three months. His campaign's need to gain ballot access in as many states as possible meant that Evan needed a placeholder name on the line for Vice President in order to comply with various state laws. I agreed to help my friend by serving as that placeholder. And so, you’ll still see my name on the ballot; in write-in states, if a name is required, you should write my name in as the Vice Presidential candidate.

As I’ve said from the beginning, I wanted to give Evan an opportunity to run for office as an outstanding leader of principle and character.

Knowing my friend Evan, I knew he’d search for the very best person to be his running mate – an advocate for the principles in which he believes – and that he'd make a careful selection.

He did just that when he picked Mindy Finn. Mindy Finn exceeded all of my expectations.

She’s a woman of honor, an entrepreneur, a reformer, and a mother. Mindy is a true leader, and in picking her, Evan has found a running mate for his campaign who is already making a difference in the new conservative movement.

I’m proud of the campaign of hope, optimism, and conservative principles that Evan and Mindy are running. They’re working every day to give Americans a better choice than the candidates of the two major parties, and they’re inspiring millions of Americans in a year where many had given up hope.

So, as you vote, if you see my name under Evan’s, remember that a vote for Evan McMullin for President means a vote for a new conservative movement that Evan and Mindy will lead together.

And, that’s a vote we can all be proud of.

Statement regarding the FBI's re-opening of Hillary Clinton's email server investigation

In the three months since I entered this race, I've said we need a new generation of leadership in this country. We need leaders who serve the American people instead of their own personal, financial, and political interests. Neither Donald Trump or Hillary Clinton meet that standard.

That's why I'm glad the FBI has re-opened their investigation into Hillary Clinton's illegal email servers and her attempts to dodge accountability, dispose of evidence requested by Congress and the FBI, and hide her role in enriching her family and its private foundation during her time as Secretary of State.

I hope the FBI will resist undue influence from the Obama Justice Department and from the White House. The American people deserve a full accounting of Hillary Clinton's actions, as well as a complete understanding of how she exposed our nation's secrets and compromised its ethics.

As we build a new conservative movement, Mindy Finn and I will continue to emphasize the importance of how the leaders we elect must be both honest and ethical.

Evan McMullin Surging in Idaho

Evan and Mindy just wrapped up a great trip to Boise, Idaho, and we thought we'd share some of the positive press attention they earned, including front page newspaper features and television interviews.

Idaho Statesman: Independent presidential candidate McMullin talks to Boiseans about conservatism, his chances



Idaho Press-Tribune: Independent presidential candidate Evan McMullin reaches out to frustrated Idaho voters


KTVB: Evan McMullin Is "Taking Utah By Storm," Gaining Support In Idaho


Salt Lake Tribune: Independent presidential candidate Evan McMullin holds event in Boise


KIDK: Evan McMullin Draws "Big Crowds" In Boise, "Gaining Immense Popularity"


KIVI: "Surging" Evan McMullin Visits Boise and Discusses New Conservative Movement


Click here to get more information about our grassroots volunteer team in Idaho.



Vote for Evan McMullin and Nathan Johnson

Over the past week, we’ve been told by thousands of people that they are casting their vote for Evan McMullin. We are so incredibly thankful for these patriotic Americans standing up for what is right.

In this time, we’ve also received a lot of questions, which is understandable because what we’re doing has NEVER been done before.

The questions usually are:

  1. If Evan McMullin is on the ballot, why is his running mate Nathan Johnson?
  2. If I’m writing in Evan McMullin, for Vice President, do I write in Mindy Finn or Nathan Johnson?

Here are a few clarifying points:

  1. Almost every state requires a name for Vice President when qualifying for ballot access or verified write-in status.
  2. Almost all of these deadlines passed before Mindy Finn joined the ticket.
  3. Nathan Johnson is a trusted friend of Evan’s who was willing to fill in as a temporary placeholder in order to give voters across the nation a chance to vote for Evan McMullin.
  4. Therefore, if you are voting for Evan McMullin, write-in “Nathan Johnson” as the Vice President, because that is how our paperwork was filed with states and votes will be counted.
  5. In the event that the race is pushed to the U.S. Congress, House of Representatives, Nathan Johnson will resign and be replaced by Mindy Finn.

Sound crazy? We’ll be the first to agree with you! But please do remember that this is an unprecedented three month presidential campaign gaining tremendous momentum all across the nation.

We could be the first campaign in 48 years to win an electoral vote outside of the two party duopoly.

This has taken creativity and a deep desire to give the American people a candidate worthy of this great nation.

So, during early voting and on November 8, either vote or write-in “Evan McMullin” and “Nathan Johnson.”

Our nation deserves better!