Chip In $1

We are enormously proud of what we’ve built in 6 short weeks. Evan has attracted an army of volunteers and supporters around the country. We have state leaders in 35 states and counting, highly-organized teams in battlegrounds like Ohio, Wisconsin, Iowa, Virginia, Utah, and Colorado as well as over 10,000 donors as of today. We have over 150,000 people engaged online with us as volunteers, sign-ups, followers, and supporters. This is clearly a movement, not a protest candidacy.

As we progress, we will continue to organize the thousands of Americans who are hungry for a better choice for president and for a new movement in American politics. That will include growing our number of state and county chairs in preparation for our turnout operation and solidifying the foundation of what comes after this election.

As reports will show today, between August 8th and 31st, just 18 business days, we raised over $320,000 (slightly above our initial estimates) from small donors, almost exclusively online and without spending any money on advertising for contributions. The grassroots outpouring has been incredible. Our movement is supported by regular Americans from across the country who are sacrificing their hard-earned money. We are also increasingly encouraged by traditional political donors who realize we are building a movement - they are hosting fundraisers in various states and helping us achieve our goals.

Just a few weeks in, pollsters began to include us in their national and state polls and we were, frankly, surprised at how much traction we already have. In just three weeks we were at 9% in Utah, 3% in Virginia, and 1% nationally. While these numbers may seem modest, they indicate immediately that we can make a decisive impact in this election in a variety of key states.

As of today, voters in 27 states can vote for Evan and we project that number will reach over 40 by election day. This includes, per our plan, a combination of traditional ballot access, minor party nominations, and write-in filings. We are committed to giving as many Americans as possible the chance to vote their conscience and vote for the future by voting for Evan McMullin.

We are confident that millions of Americans will do just that.

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