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Letters To America: The Official McMullin Campaign Blog

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Evan McMullin Surging in Idaho

Evan and Mindy just wrapped up a great trip to Boise, Idaho, and we thought we'd share some of the positive press attention they earned, including front page newspaper features...

Vote for Evan McMullin and Nathan Johnson

Over the past week, we’ve been told by thousands of people that they are casting their vote for Evan McMullin. We are so incredibly thankful for these patriotic Americans standing...

We keep on fighting

On the 30th of September, we worried that the movement we were building wouldn't have the resources to compete. We ended the reporting period with just over $4,000 cash on...

Momentum, Media, and Miracles

This has been an incredible week for the campaign. Our online activity -- from website traffic to social media engagements -- has increased exponentially. Donations are up, with each...

The Silliest Meme on the Internet

The Internet is full of great things. Cat memes. Twitter.